Is China a threat, if so how and who does China threaten?

I believe China is not a threat in today’s world. I think that China could become a stabliser in world politics by forcing the United States to change for a malign hegemon back to a benign hegemon. The ‘preventive war’ in Iraq could have been avoided if the US was forced to stand down by another great power. The US has held a dominant position in world politics for too long, 60 years this year!!

The US holds a veto in the UN, it has 17% of the votes on the board of the IMF giving it an effective veto over its decisions. This has gone too long. The US needs a challenge. Only China can give the US this challenge.

The EU might be able to challenge the US in the future, but would have to sort out its Common Foreign and Security Policy first. China is only viewed as a threat by some Americans who want the US to hold onto its dominant position in the world and stop other countries from reaching the same level as them.

China is becoming more accepted in today’s world, is this a threat? No, its a new possibility for European and American trade and investment. I do not believe China is a threat to anyone bar the USA’s dominant position in world politics

Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

4 thoughts on “Is China a threat, if so how and who does China threaten?”

  1. I am an American student from New York, currrently studying abroad in London. This gives me many a chance to see the world through the perspectives of different people, and although I see what you mean about American’s being leaders bascially for 60 years-and how that is “too long” but, if America is not the leader-who is? Do you really think the world could exist without one? That possibility is not within the the realm of human nature. So, if it weren’t America leading, it would be the UK, at least England, or China, or some other place. I hate Bush as much as an other non-American (as do many MANY American’s in the states, but people often forget that Bush did indeed have support from other nations on the issue w/ Iraq-including the next superpower after America “great” Britain. So….that is just my two cents on the topic…but I do see how people can judge Americans, hell, I do too and I am disgusted at what is going on in Iraq. I voted for Kerry!

  2. okay you raise some valid points but im just saying before the US became the dominant power, i never said it was a bad thing just that we need change, there were a number of powers. now is the time for countries to work together as leaders in different fields. NATO leader in militarry , EU economy etc etc

  3. if you look at the list of allies in the war on iraq, it read as a list of the poorest countries and those that want influence in the USA.

    i think that the war in iraq is now bearing fruit, insurgency down, moves for democracy in lebeanon, suadi, etc.

  4. I fear the rise of the hobbits as they are all cocky and confident since the lord of the rings. Frodo must die!!!!!!!

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