Crime and Punishment: Is capital punishment the answer to reducing crime ?

No, capital Punishment is not the answer to reducing crime. I personnaly am against capital punishment because it is murder at the hands of the state, which is still a crime in the eyes of God.

Just look at states that have capital punishment, 38 states of the USA and the federal government allow capital punishment. Only recently did they stop the executions of minors.

The 12 countries with the most executions in 2004 were:
China – 3,400+
Iran – 159+
Vietnam – 64+
USA – 59
Saudi Arabia – 33+
Pakistan – 15+
Kuwait – 9+
Bangladesh – 7+
Egypt – 6+
Singapore – 6+
Yemen – 6+
Belarus – 5+

These countries, apart from the USA, are not the most the most respected of countries internationally due to their from of government or lack of respect for Human Rights. This shows the kind of countries that use the death penalty and crime is not abating in them!

Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

One thought on “Crime and Punishment: Is capital punishment the answer to reducing crime ?”

  1. i am against capital punishment but i had expiriences with person who comited that terible crime that i could kill him with my own hands…..sometimes people are doing tings they want do…but it is still a crime…not yust a crime but a end of life for someone ,for those people who had nothing with it,life yust ends….so i am not for capital punishmenb but …i dont know what is moral in these woorld….sorry

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