Update on the Draft Constitutional Treaty for the European Union

Austria – Parliament (Approval by the Nationalrat 11 May 2005. Approval by Bundesrat 25 May 2005)
Belgium – Parliament (Approval by the Senate: 28 April 2005. Approval by the Chamber: 19 May 2005. Approval by other Assemblies expected within the next weeks.)
Cyprus – Parliament (Approval by the House postponed to 30 June 2005)
Czech Republic – Possible Referendum (June 2006?)
Denmark – Referendum 27 September 2005
Estonia – Parliament
Finland – Parliament (Auitumn 2005)
France – Referendum (Referendum 29 May 2005 negative (NO: 54,8%; turn out: 70%) (to be officialy confirmed))
Germany – Parliament (Approval by Bundestag: 12 May 2005. Adoption by Bundesrat: 27 May 2005.)
Greece – Parliament (Approval by Parliament: 19 April 2005)
Hungary- Parliament (Approval by Parliament: 20 December 2004)
Ireland – Referendum likely to be held in October-November 2005
Italy – Parliament (Approval by the Chamber on 25 January 2005 and by the Senate on April 6th.)
Latvia – Parliament (Approval by the chamber on 2 June 2005)
Lithuania – Parliament (Approval by Parliament 11-11-04)
Luxembourg – First vote of the Chamber on the approval of the treaty foreseen in mid-June. Referendum on 10 July 2005 (adoption of the specific law related to the organisation of the referendum adopted by the Chamber on April 12th) Second vote of the Chamber: after the referendum
Malta – Parliament (Vote of Parliament expected in July 2005)
Netherlands – Referendum 1 June 2005 negative (61,7%, turn out : 63%) (to be confirmed later)
Poland – A referendum could be carried out on 9 October 2005 along with presidential elections
Portugal – Referendum (Referendum likely to be held in October 2005 along with the local elections)
Slovakia – Parliament (Approval by Parliament: 11 May 2005)
Slovenia – Parliament (Approval by Parliament: 1 February 2005 )
Spain – Referendum (Referendum 20 February 2005: 76,7% in favour. Turnout: 42,3%. Approval of the Congress on 28 April. Approval of the Senate on 18 May 2005)
Sweden – Parliament (Ratification Bill should be presented to Parliament in Summer. It could pass in December 2005)
United Kingdom – Referendum (Ratification expected in first half-year 2006.Legislation for referendum shelved after French and Dutch results)

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