Legal Committee Resolutions – UCC IRSOC NATMUN 2006

Resolution Legal Committee

Topic: Restrictions on Human Cloning and Regulations Regarding Stem Cell Research

Sponsors: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, French Republic, Russian Federation, People’s Republic of China, Hellenic Republic, Argentina, United Republic of Tanzania

Signatories: Empire of Japan, United States of America

REMINDING all nations of the right to human dignity as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

INSISTING upon the respect of all humans

RECOGNISING the potential medical benefits of therapeutic cloning

BELIEVING in the necessity of advancement with regard to curing worldwide diseases

1 CALLS FOR a ban on all reproductive human cloning and research into this area and a one year trial on one the use of aborted human foetus’ and the review the situation after this time

2 REQUESTS the establishment of an international monitoring committee that will assess research centres, on a six monthly basis, involved in therapeutic cloning, compromising of representatives from each UN nations, funded by a compulsory annual payment based on a country’s financial capabilities

3 AUTHORITISES ten rotating representatives of this committee to inspect stem cell research institutes, on a six monthly basis, based on set of regulations to be drawn up by the monitoring committee when established

4 RESTRICTS each nation’s financial input to stem cell research to 1% of the nations total budget

5 FURTHER REQUEST that each stem cell researcher requires a license issued by the UN to practiced this branch of science

6 DEPLORES failure to adhere to these restrictions and proclaims revoking of licenses for individual perpetrators and economic sanctions in the case of government involvement.

This is from a Model United Nations that took place in UCC at the weekend. Where Alexandria College, Dublin representing China won the right to represent Ireland at the National Schools MUN in Harvard, Boston. Well done girls for more info see or the irsoc blog, or forum

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