Transsexual Woman murdered in (Memphis, Tenn)

Police Probe Memphis Transsexual Killing
by Newscenter Staff

(Memphis, Tennessee) A 21-year old transsexual woman was murdered Thursday outside her South Memphis apartment building.

Police say that Tiffany Berry was shot three times. She stumbled into the lobby of the building and died moments later.

Investigators say the killing appears to have been a robbery gone bad, but friends believe it was a hate crime.

“She still had her purse and everything. They shot her in the chest. They shot her three times. I’m sure they would have taken the purse,” one friend told WPTY television.

Berry’s friends told the station that she had stepped outside for some fresh air. About that time, neighbors say they heard about five gunshots. Minutes later Berry stumbled up to the building looking for help and then died inside a few minutes later.

An upstairs neighbor told the station that she frequently heard people arguing in the apartment where Berry had been living..

She told the station that police had been called to the unit two weeks ago because one man had a knife and another had a sledgehammer.

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these crimes need to be highlight and all phobias, homo, bi and trans need to be routed out

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