Latvia – Update

Recieved another letter from Pronsias De Rossa’s (Lab) Office with a letter in french to the commission. Thank to a friend in France (Steven O’Riordan – Thanks hun) I have translated copy here for you!

The European Parliament debated in your presence Wednesday June 14 of the increasing violence against homosexuals in Europe and adopted Thursday June 15 a resolution denouncing the new wave of this type of violence.

I am shocked to learn that to date the Latvian Parliament has again rejected a provident legislative suggestion to include the ban of all based discrimination on the sexual orientation in the law of the work. In fact, this is a violation engraves item 13 of the Treaty instituting the European Community as well as Directive 2000/78/CE concerning the creation of a general framework in favor of treatment equality regarding employment and of work

This is all the more disturbing one since in December 2005 the Latvian Parliament equally amended its Constitution in order to impose a restrictive definition of the family.

I have asked consequently the Commissioner to fulfill his role of protector of the treaties and to take all the necessary measures, including to translate Latvian law in front of the Court of Justice in accordance with the item 226 TCE, in order to assure the effective application of the body of the European legislation and the fight against discrimination.

Accept Sir, my sincere regards.
Martine Roure

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