Latvia- Update (Kathy Sinnott)

I recieved this last week


Sorry for the delay. I can ask one of the Latvian MEPs about this. However though everyone must follow eU non discrimination legislation. The wording of a constitution is still up to the people of a country. I would also like to see a specific antidiscrimination clause against discrimination or any violence against any human person regardless of any characteristic including age (conception to natural death) ability (regardless of extent of disability before or after birth), etc but it is up to people to work on this within their own countries.

Thank you for writing. Please keep in touch.


I replied with the following:


The Latvians have refused to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation which is part of the framework directive on discriimination. I emailed you as a constituent who is concerned about peoples rights and which to see all peoples right’s upheld. I am asking you to do your best to ensure this

Is Mise le Meas
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