World AIDS Day 2006 Theme Announcement

I recieved this email fom the Outreach Worker in the Southern Gay Men’s Health Project.

From: Anthony Townsend
Sent: 12 July 2006 13:45
To: Anthony Townsend (E-mail)
Subject: World AIDS Day 2006 Theme Announcement

I am very pleased to announce to you the theme for this years’ World AIDS Day:

you me us

This years’ theme is designed to encourage both individual and collective action, inspire thought about the issues, and motivate everyone to find out more about HIV and what they can do. Two straplines have been develop to compliment the theme, and allow you to utilise one or both in your work:




We are producing a range of materials carrying the “you me us” message for World AIDS Day, which can also be used at any other time of year. Each strapline will appear on different materials available from the National AIDS Trust, to give you the opportunity to use both or choose the one most appropriate for you.

We have developed the theme following feedback from a number of users of World AIDS Day materials from the National AIDS Trust, to ensure that you, our customers, are provided with the right message and right materials to support your work. From this feedback we have identified the following crucial elements:

* A central message that is very broad and flexible – so it can be used in the context of a safer sex campaign, a fundraising initiative or event, local campaigning activities or simply to raise awareness and get people to think about HIV.
* Simple and straightforward language – to take account of the fact that many of the people we want to communicate with do not have high levels of (English) literacy.
* Ensuring our messages and images are personalised (clearly about people) and inclusive.
* Communicating a positive and optimistic tone – conveying the message that individuals can make a difference.

The visuals for the materials will be eye-catching and energetic, incorporating the colour red to reflect the link with the red ribbon and take account of the fact that the colour red is increasingly linked with HIV in the public’s mind.

With the number of new infections in the UK in 2005 higher than it has ever been, and the continuing stigma and discrimination around HIV, it’s more important than ever that we all use the opportunity of World AIDS Day to get HIV on the agenda at a national and local level. I know that many of you are already beginning to think about what you will be doing for World AIDS Day and I hope that, irrespective of whether you plan to purchase World AIDS Day materials from the National AIDS Trust, you will find creative ways of incorporating this theme in your own activities.

We will send you details of our 2006/2007 range of materials before the end of August, coinciding with the launch of the updated World AIDS Day website,, which as always will hold a wealth of information including opportunities for individual involvement and details of events all over the UK.

I look forward to working with you for a successful World AIDS Day 2006, and continuing that support in the new year beyond it.

Best wishes,


Anthony Townsend
Trading Manager

National AIDS Trust

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