44% Of Fatalities are Under 30

Young Fine Gael (YFG) will this weekend discuss long term solutions to the issue of road carnage for young people on Irish roads at their eighth annual Summer School in the Brandon Hotel, Tralee, Co. Kerry from July 28 – 30, 2006.

Speaking in advance of the Summer School, YFG President, Elizabeth Munnelly stated; “the situation on Irish roads has reached crisis point, the number of deaths continue to rise, 44% of the 231 people who have died this year have been under the age of 30. The number of road deaths has increased since the introduction of penalty points, clearly showing that this measure is failing, due to the under re-sourcing of the Gardaí. YFG are calling for the area of driver education and reform of the driving test to be addressed immediately,” she stated.

Delegates will discuss how best to introduce a comprehensive programme of driver education and an overhaul of the mechanism of driver testing in Ireland with a view to increasing the competency of drivers on Irish roads.

“In order to drive a car in the republic of Ireland, one simply has to answer 36 out of 40 questions in a multiple choice theory test. You are not required to have spent any length of time taking formal instruction before you drive on the open road. All testing is carried out during daylight hours and the handling of roundabouts, multiple lanes, motorways, night time driving or driving in various road conditions are not tested” Munnelly explained. “Ironically you can repeatedly fail your test i.e. be deemed unfit to drive and still continue to drive on Irish roads.”

Proposals can be read here

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