Irish flights to and from London returning to normal

after all the excitement today.

Flights are returning to normal in airports across the country after a morning of disruption because of a terror alert in the UK.

All restrictions on Irish flights in to London’s Heathrow airport have been lifted.

The first passengers from London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports began arriving in to Dublin airport shortly after 2.30pm and the airport authorities say the situation here is back to normal.

Ryanair said all of its flights this evening will be departing as normal, thought there may be delays.

Head of Operations with Aer Lingus Dick Butler said the national carrier will be making a total of six flights to Heathrow this evening.

Aer Lingus said this afternoon anyone booked in to travel to London this evening or tomorrow should turn up as normal though he has warned them not to take hand luggage on board.

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