SGMHP Looking for Volunteers!

Southern Gay Men’s Health Project recognises the valuable and unique contributions volunteers do make to its work and aims to maximise the opportunities for volunteer involvement at all levels of the organisation and in shaping and delivering the organisational objectives. We recognise the way in which volunteers complement the work of paid staff and is committed to facilitating effective liaison between staff and volunteers at all levels. Mutual support and trust are central to this process

We are committed to ensuring volunteers remain a complement to paid staff, adding value to the organisation

·Wherever possible flexible opportunities, in terms of time commitment and role, are offered to volunteers

·Adequate and relevant training and information is provided to all volunteers prior to becoming active

·Volunteers have clear information as to whom they are accountable and who to talk to if there are any problems or questions

·Support from staff is provided in all aspects of ongoing volunteering and regular feedback on volunteer experiences will be sought and offered

·Wherever possible the volunteering opportunities provided will offer scope for the personal and professional development of volunteers

·Regular acknowledgement of volunteer’s contributions will be provided

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