Govt shuts down Dáil for two days running – Kehoe

Fine Gael Chief Whip, Paul Kehoe TD, has expressed outrage at the Government today (Thursday) for shutting down the Dáil for a second day running due to a lack of business.

The Dáil sitting was suspended shortly after 2.00pm for ninety minutes after the second stage of the Investment Funds Companies and Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2006 concluded as the Government refused to timetable any Dáil business whatsoever.

“The contempt with which the Government holds the Dáil continues as does its record of promising much and delivering little.

“As soon as the debate on the Investment Funds Companies and Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2006 finished, the Government should have scheduled some of the vital legislation that needs to be brought through the House but they preferred to suspend the Dáil sitting and discuss absolutely nothing.

“It is not as if there is no legislation to discuss. The 16 Bills on the ‘A’ List still haven’t been touched by the Dáil in this session and the legislative pile-up continues to grow. It is increasingly difficult to see how this legislative Mount Everest will be climbed and there is a strong possibility, as happened last year, that bills will be rushed through and debate ‘guillotined’ to prevent proper analysis.

“Fianna Fáil/ PD Ministers have abandoned the parliament and legislation is left gathering dust. The sooner there is a change of government the better.”

Yet again the Government have nothing to do despite the amount of legislation to be passed and the amount of problems in our society.

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