Govt shuts down Dáil: Is there is so little to debate? – Kehoe

Wednesday October 11th 2006

Govt shuts down Dáil: Is there is so little to debate? – Kehoe

• Govt’s April 2004 legislative list still has 10 pieces of legislation to be enacted
• 16 Bills on the ‘A’ List

Fine Gael Chief Whip, Paul Kehoe TD, said this evening (Wednesday) that the Government shut down the Dáil for ninety minutes between 5.30 and 7.00 despite the fact that there is a mountain of proposed legislation to be discussed and that Opposition Deputies are denied opportunities to debate issues of importance on a daily basis.

“This is yet another example of this Government under-delivering for the country. Do they really think that after an unjustified 82 day summer break there is so little to debate that the Dáil should be shut down this evening?

“As it stands there are 16 Bills on the ‘A’ List that must go through the Dáil Chamber and, unless these are begun to be dealt with, the legislative pile-up caused by years of Government inaction will get worse.

“In fact, the Government’s legislative list from April 2004 still has 10 pieces of major proposed legislation that are still to be enacted including the Defamation Bill, the Charities Regulation Bill and the Broadcasting Authority Bill.

“Despite this mountain of promised, undelivered legislation the Government sees fit to not only close the Dáil but also stifle debate in other areas, today refusing extra time to debate the Green Paper on Energy and refusing Opposition Deputies requests for parliament time to debate other vital issues. It is no secret that Fianna Fáil TDs in particular have little time for Dáil business but this emasculation of parliamentary power is outrageous even by their standards.

“The contempt with which Fianna Fáil and the PDs hold integrity in public office obviously also extends to the people’s parliament and discussing issues of national importance. This Government should be ashamed of themselves and, if the Dáil hadn’t been suspended this evening, Opposition Deputies would have had the opportunity to say so.”

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