Victory for Same-Sex Couple Highlights Need for Civil Partnership Legislation – Terry

Wooooooooooooo!!! didnt know this but just got a FG press release about!! Hopefully the government will act soon on it!!!

Cancer patient and partner should never have had to fight State for what is rightfully theirs

Following today’s (Thursday) events at the Equality Tribunal, the Justice Minister must fast-track legislation to provide for civil partnerships for same-sex and cohabiting couples according to Fine Gael Seanad Equality Spokesperson Senator Sheila Terry.

She made her comments following the decision by the Government to award a man who has been caring for his male partner, suffering from cancer, the adult dependent allowance for his partner under the claimant’s invalidity pension.

“The fact that this couple had to go to the Equality Tribunal proves that same-sex couples are still treated as second class citizens. Despite all the positive language from the Taoiseach and the Tánaiste over the last few years, they have singularly failed to bring our legislative code into the 21st Century.

“I note that, despite the decision of the Department to give this man his entitlement, there will not be an automatic right of those caring for a partner of the same-sex to avail of this allowance.

“I am asking once again for the Government to finally put its money where its mouth is and introduce Civil Partnership in Ireland. Fine Gael became the first party in the Dáil to publish a comprehensive Civil Partnership plan in July 2004. Our plans will extend rights in the areas of tax, inheritance, next of kin status and many other areas that married couples take for granted.

“Since December 1st 2005, same-sex couples in Northern Ireland and Britain have been able to register their partnership and receive protection in these areas. It is vital that similar legislation is enacted here.

“Finally, I congratulate the couple in question for having the bravery and strength of character to fight the State on this issue and can assure them that if in a position to do so after the election, Fine Gael will ensure no gay couple will need to endure such an action ever again.”

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