American Midterms Results!

Woooooooooo the democrats have taken control of the House!!! yay!! They have 227 seats compared to the Republicans 194.

In the Senate its a complete draw with Montana and Virginia still counting . The democrats have slight leads in both of these states.

In Montana Jon Tester (D) leads Conrad Burns (R) by 1%.

In Virginia Jim Webb (D) leads George Allen also by 1%. This is seen as detrimental for Allen as he was a would-be Republican candidate for the White House in 2008.

Meanwhile in the Governer Races the Democrats have gained a number of states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania and Colorado key battleground states for the Presidential Elections. Unfortunatly Kinky Friedman the Independent Candidate for the Texan Governorship only recived 13% of the vote.

Of course its looking like that the Virginia race could be decided by the courts check out Rick Hasen’s web log.

(Source: Yahoo News)

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