Don’t vote? Then you can’t complain!

Well this is definatly my philosophy on complaining about teh government! Make sure your registered!!!

How do I register to vote in the next General Election?

The Register of Electors is being updated from November 1st
2006 until
November 25th 2006. The register is currently in a draft
which means that names are continuously being added and
deleted. Even
though you may have voted in previous elections or
referenda, you
still need to check that you are registered to vote.

You will be able to register to vote on campus from 14th –
16th of November in
the Students Union office, Boole, Main and the Student

You do not need to bring proof of address or proof of

Am I eligible to vote?


» If you are over 18 now, you can register to vote.

» If you will be over 18 by February 15th 2007, you can
register to vote.


» Irish citizens may vote at every election and

» British citizens may vote at Dáil, European and local

» EU citizens (other than British citizens) may vote at
and local elections;

» Non-EU citizens may vote at local elections.

How do I check the Register of Electors?

You can check if you are included on the Register of
Electors by in
post offices, public libraries, Garda stations, courthouses
and county
and city councils or you can check it online at

Changes, such as a change of address or
adding your name, can be made to register until November
25th 2006.

Can I register after November 25th 2006?

After November 25th 2006, you will not be able to enter your
name on
the Register of Electors. If you are unable to register your
prior to November 25th 2006, you can apply for inclusion on
Supplement to the Electoral Register. The Supplement to the
Register will allow you to vote at any election or
referendum held
during that particular year. You can apply for inclusion on
Supplemental Register at least 13 working days before
polling day.

Postal Voting
Voters are normally required to vote in person at an
official voting
centre. However you may be eligible to vote by post if:

» You are studying full time at an educational institution
from your home address where you are registered.

» You cannot get to a polling station because of a
illness or disability.

You cannot register to vote by post after November 25th
2006. If you
register to vote by post, you may vote by post only. You
cannot vote
in a polling station.

Voters with Disabilities
There are special arrangements to assist electors with
disabilities to exercise their voting rights. Some of these
arrangements include:

» Voting at an alternative polling station if a person’s
station is inaccessible;

» Postal voting by electors living at home who cannot go
to the
polling station due to a physical disability or illness;

» Special voting facilities provided in hospitals, nursing
or similar institutions for residents who cannot go to the
station due to a physical disability or illness;

» Assistance in voting at the polling station by a
companion or
by the presiding officer for people with a visual
impairment, physical
disability or literacy difficulty;

» The use of photographs and party political emblems on
papers to assist visually impaired people and people with

» The display of a large print copy of the ballot paper in
polling stations to further assist visually impaired people
and people
with literacy difficulties.

For more info click here:

All material (c) Union of Students in Ireland 2006.

Throughout all this week starting Tuesday 14th Novembe the UCC Politics Society in conjunction with the SU and USI will be launching the “UCC 2 Vote in 2007” Campaign which seeks to get the Students of UCC registered for the general election next

Please take the time to register your vote and realise that
every vote counts.

“537 Votes in Florida changed History”

“The Greatest disease of my generation is Apathy”- Kurt

Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

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