Same Sex Relationships

GLEN welcomes reports that the cabinet has discussed options for legal recognition of same sex relationships and urges that the report of the Working Group on Domestic Partnership is carefully considered; “This report provides a very important analysis of options open to Ireland and it needs to be carefully considered and widely discussed” says Keith O’Malley, Chief Executive of GLEN.

GLEN Chairperson Kieran Rose adds, “The publication of this report comes hot on the heels of a survey which reveals that a huge majority, 84% of the population support equality for the relationships of same-sex couples.

“Marriage remains the full equality option and the option we would like to see adopted” says Keith O’Malley, “as well as being the fairest, most equitable way forward, it is also the easiest and fastest to enact – and the most effective”.

“The choice facing the government now is about what kind of society we want Ireland to be”, says Keith O’Malley, “we here in GLEN are working towards a situation when being lesbian or gay is unremarkable and when same sex relationships are acknowledged as fully legitimate”.

The Taoiseach expressed this same sentiment when, earlier this year, he said “Our sexual orientation is not an incidental attribute. It is an essential part of who we are. All citizens, regardless of sexual orientation, stand equal in the eyes of our laws. Sexual orientation cannot, and must not, be the basis of a second-class citizenship. Our laws have changed, and will continue to change, to reflect this principle”.

The Options paper is availible at the link below

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