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According to recent reports, RTE Radio 1’s programme “Audioscope” is to be axed. Audioscope is the only radio programme in Ireland that addresses issues faced by blind and vision impaired people.

Audioscope is a beacon for blind and visually impaired people. Audioscope is not an old style token gesture towards a disadvantaged minority in our society. It is not supposed to be the programme that allows the national broadcaster to tick a box saying that it has met its obligations to the blind and visually imparied community. It doesn’t adopt a medical focus and talk about what people can’t do. It looks at society and how blind and visually impaired people interact with the world. It provides insight into the challenges faced by a blind or visually impaired person in todays world and talks about what people can do. It is a source of information about what is possible. It is provided via radio – the most readily accessible format for a blind or visually impaired person. Audioscope should be the rock upon which programming for blind and visually impaired people is built.

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