Continued: What will you ask the politicians that knock on your door?

Continued: What will you ask the politicians that knock on your door?

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Frank O’Regan, Cork:

1. Why are the government actively trying to create unemployment in the Fermoy region with risk equalisation, It is anti competitive

2. What are your plans for the radical overhall of the Health Servie to get it working properly, there are too many administration jobs and not enough doctors and nurses

3. The rights of the victim needs to be reasserted, a criminal should not have any rights and it should be remembers that they are in prison for commiting a crime and prison should refelct this. Enforcement and longer minimum terms are required.

4. There needs to be a defined and sustained investment in our roads infastructure.

5. There needs to be an overhall of the motor tax system and motor tax should be charged on the Petrol so the more you drive the more you pay, not on the size of your engine.

Laura O’Connor, Cork:

1. What is their policy on bulling in schools? And do they think the department of education guidelines are sufficient to cope with the increasing level of bullying in Ireland today?

2. Health system-There needs to be more accountability from consultants, doctors and nurses for the care, diagnosis etc of their patients. What reforms would your party make?

3. Nursing homes-the cost. How would they bring it down?

4. Boy racers, drink driving etc. Its becoming a ridiculous problem in Ireland, harsher measures need to be enforced. What would you prop to do?

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