Dublin Coastal Development

Well this was mentioned on gaycork.com and I found the above video on youtube looks like a fantastic idea, it the long run i think it cause problems for flooding as land reclamations always do im my opinion.

The details from dublincoastaldevelopment.com

The development will be constructed in five phases:

1. The construction of the South Wall motorway to the proposed development site in Dublin bay.

2. The construction of three artificial islands with a total surface area of over 12 square kilometers.

3. Infrastructure finalised. The tracks for the luas link tramway are laid. The completion of the link to the East Point Toll bridge and the N11.

4. The construction of the impressive central business district, the hub of commerce and industry.

5. The construction of the residential areas. The 2 tiers of apartments and villas. Over 42 thousand separate residences.

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  1. Oh my. It’s a hoax. It was designed by an ad company to show off viral marketing. Nothing more than that. Underwater cranes and an island shaped like a shamrock? Uhm, bells not ringing yet?

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