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Publicans ‘seeking compensation for random breath-testing’

Rural publicans are reportedly seeking compensation from the Government following the introduction of random breath-testing.

Reports this morning say the Vintners Federation of Ireland is claiming that pubs in rural areas have suffered since gardaí were given the power to conduct random tests in July.

It is reportedly planning to lobby the Government on the proposals, which is already being branded as nonsense.

The AA’s Conor Faughnan says the publicans are effectively saying people should be allowed to drink and drive when they should instead be organising free transport for their customers in an effort to prevent losses.


God almighty, I’m beginning to hate rural publicans, I hope which ever Judge hears this case will throw it out. They basically want the Gardai to ignore Drink Driving in country roads, where Road conditions are normally worse.

This kinda thing was recently brought up a FG Councillor in Co. Tipp, and we all know the furor that happened over that. The same should happen now!

Author: Stephen

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