Help or Colonialsim in a New From?

Via Al Jazeera

A Danish Artist as been offering poor Ugandans a way out of poverty by offering them animals in exchange for them changing their name to Hornselth.

Kristian von Hornsleth … is offering villagers of Buteyongera aid in the form of a pig or goat if they take on his name, is a commentary on the hypocrisies of society.

The Scheme is not a favourite of the Ugandan Government though.

Officials such as James Buturo, the ethics and integrity minister, have condemned the Uganda Village Project, which Hornsleth launched in June, as racist

“It’s a remark about hypocrisy, about Western and Third World relations, about aid against free trade,” Hornsleth said.

Their is a huge debate ongoing in the Ugandan media about this.

Ugandan newspapers have filled up with letters and columns, some praising, but many angrily condemning the “pig-for-name” project, as an insult to poor Ugandans.

On the ground its a different story

“We’re so grateful for these animals,” said Kabaalu Muyiwe Hornsleth, trudging through a field of banana plants towards her new goat tied to a tree in Buteyongera village, central Uganda. “Who cares about a name? We’re poor and he helped us.”

In response to claims that it was threatening the sovereignty of Uganda

George Sabadu, a 46 year-old Uganda, said: “Africans adopting European names for gifts – we’ve been doing that since colonial times. Why do you think I am called George?”

This is not a charity according to Horselth

“It’s not a donation, it’s a service. I don’t believe in aid, I believe in free trade.”

Im not sure myself about this but im for anything that helps people, help themselves, as im a firm beleiver in the old adage “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Author: Stephen

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One thought on “Help or Colonialsim in a New From?”

  1. Hornsleth does have a point,how has 20 years or more of AID been useful to Africa except to enslave and colonialize anew?
    Its a shame though that Hornsleth chooses to exploit people in need to make a point.I wonder if he would do the same to the homeless in his own country?

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