Hungover and excited! wooo!

Well as my last post was sooo short I have an excuse and cause to celebrate!

Firstly Calibrations it was my 300th post!!! Wooo! go me! Pity it was a one liner.

And my excuse twas my 21st last night, yes i am that young/old! But also it was my 6 month anniversary with my boyfriend Luke, who I love to bits and has helped a lot this summer! Love ya babes!!!!

So therefore am still hungover!

Neways pinochet’s dead, good riddance, pity i dont believe in hell.

News from the Irish bloggersphere the Categories for the Irish Blog Awards 2007 have been announced!

* Best Blog
* Best Blog Post
* Most Humorous Post
* Best Photo Blog
* Best Arts and Culture Blog
* Best Political Blog
* Best Group Blog
* Best Personal Blog
* Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog
* Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere
* Best Technology Blog/Blogger
* Best Designed Blog
* Best Sport & Recreation Blog
* Best News/Current Affairs Blog
* Best Specialist Blog
* Best Newcomer
* Best Business Blog
* Best Music Blog
* Best Podcast
* Best Podcaster
* Best videocast

For details keep an eye on and Damien Mulley’s blog as he organises it!

Also one of my friends from college will be starting a blog shortly, his name is Sam Bowman and his blog is entitled ‘Pull Out the Pin‘. He’s a PD and is completely ideologically opposed from me, so their might be a few online arguments!!!

Anyway hope all yer Christmas preparations are going good!

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Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

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