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Red Cardinal have a Report out on eGovernment Accessibility Analysis

The Green Party are launching their transport policy today for Cork today in the Clarion (via I cant find any details on the time of it on the Green Party’s Website or Dan Boyle’s Website

I also got mentioned on the Cross of St. George Forums for my post ‘If Scotland, NI and Wales have their own Legislatures Why Dosen’t England?

The Transport Minister, Seamus Brennan, has said their will not be a referendum before the next election (via RTÉ). So does that mean it will be on the same day as the Election or will be after it? If it is held on the day of the election it might increase voter turnout, just like at the last Local and European Elections in 2004.

Euronews aired a very interesting piece this morning on ‘What do Europeans think of their neighbours’. It raised a few interesting questions on forming identities and a privilged partnership arrangement for some applicant states like Turkey.

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