Irish support for EU membership, still the highest.

According to a new Euro-barometer survey which was released today Ireland still tops the table for support for continued membership of the EU. Ireland is at 78% closely followed by Luxembourg (74%). The UK is at the bottom of the current member states at 34% with only Croatia below it at 32%.

Also 87% of people in Ireland believe we have benefited from membership of the EU. Ireland also tops the poll on the positive image of the EU (73%).

On trust in EU institutions 60% of those questioned trusted the European Commission and 66% trusted the European Parliament which came out as being the most trusted institution in the EU.

On EU policies, for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Ireland is languishing near the end of the table 59% support and is right at the bottom of the table for support for a Common Defence and Security Policy with 52%

Less then half of those interviewed were in favour of further enlargement on the Union, with 48% in favour of expansion.

On the EU Constitution, 56% were in favour but this could easily be changed as 35% of respondents were “unable to express an opinion” (Euro-Barometer 66, December 2006, p33)

On the issue of same-sex marriage support is split across Europe 49% disagreeing and 44% in favour of it. In Ireland 41% agreed to this.

On the issue of Gay Adoption, 68% of respondents were against it with only 26% in favour. In Ireland support was slightly higher at 30%

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