New International French News Channel

Via Al Jazeera

France 24 has been launched and will be accessible in Europe, Africa and the Middle East in Frence, English and Arabic.

France 24 joins an already crowded international news arena with CNN, BBC World and Al Jazeer.

“In the symphony of the free press, there is now a French voice,” he said. “We’re late, and we’re trying to catch up.”

A French International Station was called for back in 1991 by the French President, due to the dominance of CNN reporting during the First Gulf War.

It promises a “French vision” of world affairs with a heavy emphasis on diversity and debate.

“It is indispensable that a great country like France should be able to have its vision of the world and broadcast this vision,” Jacques Chirac, the French president, said in an interview with the station.

“Naturally fitting with our traditions, our conception of civilisation, humanism and globalisation.

“This will be expressed, I think, through France 24.”

France 24’s website in english is here

Im glad to see a new service as it should be a good source of News for the 2007 French Elections.

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