Surprise, Surprise the bishops are against lowering the age of consent!

Catholic bishops hit out at proposed lowering of age of consent

Catholic bishops are hitting out at the proposal to lower the age of consent to 16, saying it sends the wrong signal to young people and parents.

In a statement issued after the December meeting of the Irish Bishops Conference they say they are viewing the proposal with alarm.

Last month the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Child Protection recommended that the age of consent be lowered to 16.

Today the bishops are setting out their views on the issue.

They say it sends out the wrong signal to a young generation who, under the influence of teenage glossy magazines, peer pressure and binge drinking, feel engaging in sexual activity is something trivial.

The bishops also feel it sends out the wrong signal to parents, who they claim are themselves confused as to how they should react in the face of their children’s activities.

The heads of the Irish Catholic Church go on to say they are amazed that politicians and public opinion makers shy away from confronting the basic demands of morality.

In today’s statement the bishops are also calling for legislation to control the technology of assisted human reproduction.


Well, all I can say is thank god the Government dosent pander to the Catholic Church as much as it used to.

I hope they do reduce the age of consent to 16 as long as they keep an equal age of consent for homosexuals also.

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