Won’t Some one please think of the Children!!!

Via BreakingNews.ie

Children’s helpline ‘struggled to cope’ with Christmas calls

The ISPCC says it struggled to cope with hundreds of calls it received from distressed children this Christmas.

The help-line handled nearly 700 calls from children seeking help on Christmas Day.

Most of the children had been left alone at Christmas, or were upset by alcohol abuse in their home.

The thirty volunteers who manned the line say many children were unable to get through because the lines were busy.

I think it is important that we think f the most vulnerable in today’s society and they need more protection. Come on Bertie wheres that referendum!

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One thought on “Won’t Some one please think of the Children!!!”

  1. The ISPCC are a scam who release bogus facts to make more money for the organisation. These are the people that pay people to collect for charity, have company cars for their directors and also give percentages to some of their carity collectors.

    When they release genuine statistics on their childline service I’d trust them.

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