Monring Breifing, January 9th

Maidin maith!

An nuacht ar an maidin seo!

Foot and Mouth scare in Antrim! ( Oh god not again!

Irish Nurses and Midwives are been balloted from today on possible strike action ( Well they normally get huge support from the general public when they do go on strike!

New Jersey may remove one word from their constitution (CNN) And the word is ‘Idiot’. Currently this stops some people with mental disabilities from voting.

Hugo Chavez lloks set to nationalise more industries to made Venezula a ‘full socialist state (BBC). As if the country needs more state owned companies. The majority of countries world wide are privitising and Venezula does the opposite typical.

Russia has cut oil supplies to Europe cause the price of oil to rise (France 24). This really shows the EU’s dependancy on Russia which aint a good thing!

Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

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