What is a ‘tiger’ kidnapping

I’ve been hear the words ‘tiger’ kidnapping alot lately (at first i thought a tiger had been kidnapped or something) but i looking it up i found the following defination, and it explains it perfectly for me!

tiger kidnapping n. the abduction or holding of a hostage to persuade another person to aid in a crime.

Source, Doubled-Tongued Dictionary

Well that is that one sorted.

Another word used alot in Greys Anatomy is “Candy Strppin'”

Heres what it is!

A candy striper was traditionally a young, female hospital volunteer; a concept that originated in the 1940s. The unique job title represented the candy cane look of the red and white-striped pinafores worn by the volunteers. Traditionally, the girls sewed their own pinafores. East Orange General Hospital in New Jersey claims to have started the first candy striper program in 1944.

During the 1950s and 60s, the popularity of candy stripers was widespread. In general, the goal of a candy striper was to make a patient’s stay in the hospital more pleasant. Initially, a candy striper simply delivered mail or patient meals, but as nurses became overburdened, the volunteers took on additional duties. Now, a candy striper might help feed, or read to, a patient; assist as a patient is discharged; or deliver messages. Other duties include transporting book or video carts to patient rooms.

Much has changed in candy striping over the years. In the early years, the training to be a candy striper lasted months, but now most hospitals train the volunteers in a few days. Currently there are male candy stripers; although most hospitals have a higher percentage of young female volunteers than males. “Volunteer” is the more likely term used to refer to a candy striper nowadays, and the uniform is not likely the red and white jumper of years past.

Most hospitals accept volunteers aged 13-18 for candy striping. Hospital volunteers perform a variety of duties, which may include staffing reception areas and gift shops; filing documents; or transporting medical records, lab specimens, and drugs from unit to unit. A candy striper might also assist with cleaning duties in a hospital. In some instances, volunteers only complete clerical tasks, due to insurance liability.

A candy striper program is an excellent introduction to the field of health care. Students who are interested in the medical field often find volunteering or job shadowing at a hospital beneficial. The hospital arranges the volunteer’s schedule and the candy striper reports to a volunteer coordinator, nurse or physician.

Most hospitals require potential candy stripers to complete an application and interview session, and to provide character references and parental consent to volunteer. Other requirements include a TB skin test and physical exam. Once a young applicant is accepted as a volunteer, he or she will likely be required to wear a uniform and ID badge, observe all medical center policies, and maintain excellent conduct.

Source, WiseGEEK

Any words you have that others mighten know?

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