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I don’t think enough is being done to raise awarness in Ireland or the UK about the dangers of crystal meth but while browsing through,I found this article.

New site addresses meth heads
The Advocate

AIDS Project Los Angeles and the Gay Men’s Health Crisis have announced the launch of, a Web site dedicated to helping gay and bisexual men understand crystal meth.

The Web site is intended to educate on the impact of physical, mental, and sexual health, according to a news release from the two organizations. This comes after a notable increase of gay men using the drug.

The site has an interactive feature using medical information and candid discussion to inform visitors. The launch coincides with the second National Conference on Methamphetamine, HIV, and Hepatitis this week in Salt Lake City.

The Web site is an extension of the work being done both by AIDS Project Los Angeles and Gay Men’s Health Crisis in New York. The L.A. group runs a crystal meth program — for users of the drug and concerned friends — that aims to reduce the risk of HIV infection and social isolation.

The New York group offers individual and group counseling and a drop-in support group for men confronting their crystal use and sexual health concerns, and has created multiple social marketing campaigns to raise awareness about crystal use and to connect men to treatment.

Not Safe for Work!!!!

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  1. On my blog there is a video of an interview with a recovering meth-head who has since moved on. It is well worth the watch. (see Any Extreme)

    Steven very good work here. I am not Irish but I enjoy reading your postings.

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