Dilemma – To sue or not to sue

Well today I had a 2nd meeting with an Advocate Worker of the Irish Advocacy Network, and it looks like I have a possibility of redress against my former employer, as it was a ‘constructive dismissal’.

I have a dilemma, do I take on a case and the workload involved, lots of paper work, and secondly I have two avenues I can take. I can go to the Equality Tribunal, hopefully with help from the Equality Authority under a disability discrimination, or I can take a civil law case under the Unfair Dismissals Act.

At the beginning I was leaning towards the civil law case and testing it out with FLAC in UCC on Wednesday Night (They meet top floor of the students centre 6-7pm if you need them) but after reading the literature, I think the ‘constructive dismissal’ can come into the disability case.

Any suggestions? Do I take case or Not?

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Author: Stephen

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