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Gay sex fuels Anglican brawl
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Rumblings of a ‘schism’ have plagued the Anglican Church ever since election of the openly gay bishop of New Hampshire, Gene Robinson, in 2003. The liberals who support the timely election have spent the past few years been deflecting the curses of those who feel it’s in contravention to the teachings of the Bible.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has been a bipartisan wader in this spiritual river of discontent. He’s optimistically hoped, and no doubt prayed, to save the 78 million-strong worldwide Anglican communion from cracking like a big,God-shaped egg.

Unfortunately, it looks like Anglican omlette will be on the menu as Rowan Williams prepares to fly to Tanzania for a meeting of the church’s primates. Judging by the pre-meet sword rattling, the summit is unlikely to be a cheery picnic

The summit will take place from 14-19 February, with the controversial Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the USA (ECUSA), Katharine Jefferts Schori also set to take part in talks.

Bishop Schori, who leads the 2.4-million members of the ECUSA, has enraged Anglican leaders across the world by openly offering her support for same-sex unions, as well as declaring in one interview that she does not believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to God.

This admirable woman has created such uproar since her installment last year,that approximately 250 ECUSA member churches have left her leadership, and many outraged traditionalists have even threatened to blank her at the upcoming summit.

Oddly enough, even those who’re only vaguely familiar with the teachings of Jesus would understand which side The Son of God would support. Clue: Jesus always loved and embraced the underdog and had little time for hypocritical Church leaders.

If we are to believe the Bible, Jesus never once mentioned homosexuality, lesbians, female bishops or gay marriage.

Archbishops, particularly those from Africa, want the liberal American Church to be divorced from the Anglican Communion because they’ve embraced gay relationships.

The Rt Reverend Michael Scott-Joynt, Bishop of Winchester, wrote in the Church of England Newspaper at the weekend that if Presiding Bishop Schori is allowed to attend,

“I am in no doubt that this would destroy the authority of the communion … the Episcopal Church and its new presiding bishop are increasingly departing from basic Christian belief in the lordship and uniqueness of Christ.”

Liberal Christians and atheist critics point out that until the evangelicals adopt slaves, stone adulterers to death, give up shellfish, ban garments with more than one fabric, sell their daughters into slavery and forbid women to teach, they should stop taking the Bible so literally.

If they were really sincere and in awe of the Bible, they would go ahead and do all of the latter, in open defiance of our laws proscribing them and happily suffer imprisonment as martyrs for their religion.

In reality, most of modern society understands that many of these rules of religions, specifically those on homosexuality have to be sensibly sidelined as they predate scientific knowledge.

Religions can provide many wise suggestions for living a life considerate of others, and provide comfort and social opportunities for those who need them, without any need to constantly foster hatred of gays and lesbians.

Last month, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, Desmond Tutu shone some much-needed wisdom into the raging debate.

During the World Social Forum (WSF) in Nairobi last month he said: “I am deeply, deeply distressed that in the face of the most horrendous problems – we’ve got poverty, we’ve got conflict and war, we’ve got HIV/AIDS – and what do we concentrate on? We concentrate on what you are doing in bed.”

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