Head2Head on Gay Adoption

i just got an email about this, the Irish Times has a head to head on Gay Adoption on their website today. Head over and voice your opinion! I’ll post up my comment once it appears

Catherine Egan-Morley argues yes, she lives in Co Cork and is executive director of the independent social policy consultancy agency Clarity: Research, Development and Training.

Tom O’Gorman argues no, he is a researcher at the Iona Institute.

I was torn on this issue till lately, so wait for my comment!

**UPDATE** My comment!

As a young gay man, I look forward to a time, when my circumstances allow me to settle down and raise children. I don’t see the difference between me and my sister. She can adopt as a straight women, and I can adopt leagally in Ireland as a single gay man, but if I’m in a relationship I’m not allowed. This is a very starnge analomy in Irish law. This needs to be earsed and all people regardless of sexuality, if they are capable of giving a child a loving home, as that what is important should be allowed to adopt, single, gay, straight, bisexual, whatever!

My mothers comment!! I love my mum!!!

There are many ‘straight’ people who do not make good parents. Everyone should be elegible to adopt a child – sexual orientation should not come into the equation.

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