Response to Crticisim – Update on Head to Head

Well I had a look over at the Irish times head to head, and I noticed someone and taken issue, with my post.

This guy Stephen said

Read comments with interest. I come down on balance with the No, because the arguments for gay/lesbian adoption amount in my view to a campaign for parental rights over (but of course not necesarily in contradiction with) child welfare. But open to be persuaded. One question I would like to put is to those who say “sexual orientation should never be an issue”. I am not saying this should be the only issue, but surely it is an issue, just as race is an issue in adoption. Adoption agencies usually prefer to place children with parents of the same race if possible, but of course do not stick dogmatically to this, there being many considerations. Why are you so sure it should not be an issue? Is there a “because….” or is it a necessary dogma of the position, just as the religious right would say “the bible says…”?
Mr. Spillane is wrong I beleive to think he can adopt as a single man (gay or straight). As far as I understand it, you simply won’t be able to adopt here as a single person, male or female. Am I wrong?


again, emily spillane conjoins two unconnected points. “There are many bad straight parents”+ “gay/lesbian people should be able to adopt”. The former does not support the conclusion.
There have to be better arguments that these? At least Kieran Healy addresses the issue, claiming that homosexual couples can provide [a safe and supportive atmosphere] as well as any other couple and better than a care home.” I have to wonder though, in the case where two equally happy caring couples, one straight and one homosexual, were seeking to adopt a child, who should the child go to? Would it not be true to say that placing the child with the straight couple would make for a more normal childhood, and thus be in the better interests of the child?

My Response

Stephen, Yes at the moment a single gay man i can adopt, there is nothing in legislation to stop this. If an Bord Uachtála think I would make a good parent in my current circumstances I can adopt and/or foster. Anyway, I can have a child if I wish, just cause I’m gay does not mean I am infertile. I know of many gay men who are fathers, and are brilliant father who shower love and attention on their children. Is that so wrong?

There is no data to support the claim that children raised by married gay parents fare worse than those raised by heterosexual ones,…. That’s why almost every serious child welfare entity, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Child Welfare League of America and the American Psychological Association, recognizes that gay parents are no worse than heterosexual ones. (Source The Washington Post

You also claim that placing the child in a straight relationship, in resposne to Emily Spillane’s post, would have a more normal childhood, but I ask you what is a normal childhood, I do not think for one moment I had a normal childhood, I had a fantastic childhood, with parents who showered me with love and attention, and I believe had I been brought by a homosexual couple, I would have had the same!

A major part of this which you seam to be ignoring is the problem of Gay/Lesbian parents face, what if something happens to one of them, one of them is in the eyes of the law, a starnger to the child. This cannot be good for a relationship as it puts a strain on it and proves that Gay/Lesbian parents have to put alot of thought into having a child, that most straight couples wouldn’t have to.

The poll so far has yes at 86% and no’s at 14%.

Author: Stephen

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  1. I may be wrong about this, but in Ireland you can only adopt if you’re married. Single people cannot adopt children either, I believe.

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