"Contract for a Better Ireland" Outdoor Media Campaign Launched by Fine Gael

The Fine Gael Leader, Enda Kenny T.D., today launched his Party’s outdoor media campaign in support of his “Contract for a Better Ireland” which he set out in his Presidential speech at the Fine Gael Árd Fheis at the week-end. He was joined at the launch by Front Bench members Richard Bruton, Olivia Mitchell, Fergus O’Dowd and Dr Liam Twomey and first time Dáil candidates Leo Varadkar (Dublin West) and Lucinda Creighton (Dublin South East).

Commenting on the launch and the Contract for a Better Ireland, Enda Kenny said:

“At the week-end I set out my vision for a better Ireland. It is one based on ending the era of the broken promises and restoring the confidence the public have in their Government to deliver on their pledges. For too long we have seen empty promises reneged on by this Government and we now lie in the wreckage of their cavalier attitude to the public’s interest.

“I am confident that the Contract for a Better Ireland will help restore the public’s faith in the political process. I have set out an agenda, the fundamental building blocks of a better Ireland, that I will deliver on when elected Taoiseach. Only after having delivered on this Contract will I seek re-election as Taoiseach. If I have not, I will not.

“Today’s launch highlights two key components of the Contract – health and crime. There are four different posters highlighting specific commitments from the Contract that will be running over the coming weeks, and they are:

Poster 1 “Free health insurance for all children under 16.”
Poster 2 “2,300 more hospital beds.”
Poster 3 “Tougher sentences, tougher bail for criminals.”
Poster 4 “2,000 more Gardaí on the streets.”

“The campaign will incorporate a mixture of 48 sheet posters, a heavy concentration on 6 sheet posters (bus shelters etc), targeted print media, transport media and online advertising.

“Over the coming weeks the public have a choice to make. Will they continue with the cycle of broken promises and empty rhetoric of the past 10 years, or will they sign up for the Contract for a Better Ireland? I am growing more confident with each passing day that the public will sign up for the Contract, they will vote for accountable politics and they will vote for Fine Gael.”

I think they are good posters they are strong, attract attention and look good.

Author: Stephen

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