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Well last nights semi was very surprising, only 1 of my predictions got through and that was Turkey, which means no Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Denmark or Andorra (my favourites). I voted for Andorra and Denmark, I think my predictions are a kiss of death. I got 4 right last year. Anyway the final is on tomorrow night on RTÉ2 and BBC 2 at 8:00pm. I shall be Instinct watching it on the big screen, so if your around come say hi! Now I’ll run through the finalists, with links to their songs and their betting odds from

Bosnia & Herzegovina (Youtube) 80-1

This year Bosnia and Herzegovina is represented by Marija Sestic with ‘Rijeka Bez Imena’. A nice uplifting song. Don’t think it will do well.

Spain (Youtube) 66-1

Spain is represented by D’nash with ‘I love you mi vida’. Really upbeat song, surprised its so low in the odds, as one of the big four its guaranteed to be in the final next year. A song that I really like!

Belarus (Youtube) 4-1

The first to qualifiers from last nights semi-final, meant to pick this to get through but too late now…. I missed the performance as i was rushing home from work, but Dmitry Koldun obviously impressed with ‘Work Your Magic’

Ireland 33-1

Have to show the video, its the Irish entry! Its Dervish with ‘They Can’t Stop The Spring’. Not in my opinion a great Eurovision song, but they’ve done a lot of work on it and its sounding great! Could do well as Dervish are known on the continent!

Finland (Youtube) 25-1

Well Finland is represented by Hanna Pakarinen with ‘Leave Me Alone’. Its definitely a Lordi influence, why change a winning formula??

FYR Macedonia (Youtube) 40-1

Macedonia qualified last night with ‘Mojot Svet’ by Karolina Goceva. Nice song! Did very well last night.

Slovenia (Youtube) 25-1

Slovenia also qualified from last night. Very opera as a friend in Kildare remarked last night!!! Its Alenka Gotar with ‘Cvet Z Juga’

Hungary (Youtube) 16-1

Hungary also qualified last night represented by Magdi Ruzsa with ‘Unsubstantial Blues’. An excellent performance, and should do well. Loving this song.

Lithuania (Youtube) 150-1

An outsider according to the bookies, Lithuania is represented by 4Fun with ‘Love Or Leave’. very gentle melodic song. Latin influences definitely to be heard in the beat and guitar.

Greece (Youtube) 16-1

One of my favourite songs in the final its Sarbel with ‘Yassou Maria’. In with a good shout, hes gorgeous!!! Real dance one!

Georgia (Youtube) 40-1

Georgia, through the final on their first try! Sopho was fab with ‘Visionary Dream’

Sweden (Youtube) 6-1

One of this years favourites (and my mums!) its Sweden represented by the Ark with ‘The worrying kind’. With the ESC move next door to Sweden? I hope so, my hopes are on this one at the moment (Spillane kiss of death again?) come on Sweden!!!!!!!!

France (Youtube) 50-1

One of the best French entries in recent years! They are represented by Les Fatals Picards with ‘L’amour à la française’. I really like. As ferance is part of the bug four they are automatically in next year!

Latvia (Youtube) 14-1

This proved very popular and performed in the coveted last place in the show. Good odds here and looks like they ahve a shoe in!

Russia (Youtube) 10-1

Russia is represented by Serebro with ‘Song Number One’. Really good song, i really like it!! Wonder will win it? Russia have been waiting awhile for it.

Germany (Youtube) 14-1

Germany, another one of the Big 4, is represented by Roger Cicero with ‘Frauen Regier’n Die Welt’. Its a very rat pack song. Think it will do well, its growing on me!

Serbia (Youtube) 5-1

One this years favourites, performed very well last night, hence why its here!!! Its Marija Serifovic with ‘Molitva’. What a singer!

Ukraine (Youtube) 7-2

This year the Ukraine are represented by Verka Serdyuchka with ‘Dancing Lasha Tumbai’. Very strange song, but fun! Its a guy btw… there was war over that!!! They are also the favourites i think (I get very confused with odds like 7-2!)

United Kingdom (Youtube) 33-1

Its Scooch! Singing ‘Flying the flag for You’. Loving this song!! So gay! lol!!! It should do well!

Romania (Youtube) 40-1

Romania is represented by Todomondo with ‘Liubi, Liubi, I Love You’. Really nice song. Its sung in a few languages so its great fun!!!! Hope it does well!!!

Bulgaria (Youtube) 8-1

Well Elitsa & Stoyan got in with ‘Water’. I missed the performance, but i still dont like the song!

Turkey (Youtube) 25-1

My only prediction to get in! Its Kenan DOĞULU with ‘Shake It Up Shekerim’! Went down very well last night and I enjoyed the performance, it with a good shout!!!

Armenia (Youtube) 80-1

An outsider in the betting, Armenia is represented by Hayko with ‘Anytime You Need’. Hes quite good looking! NIce ballad of song, but no fast paced chorus, cant see it doing well!

Moldova (Youtube) 25-1

Was she wearing a pants last night? Thought it was going to fall off her! Natalia Barbu with ‘Fight’ qualified for Moldova last night. It was a giood performance!!

Well thats it. I’ve given sweden the kiss of death, who do you think will win? Leave a comment or email me!

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