Eurovision!!! Semi-Final Preview

Well its nearly time wooo! The 52nd Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast from the Hartswall Areena, Helsinki, Finland and will be shown on RTÉ 2 and BBC Three at 8.00pm. This is the largest contest ever, so this will be a long post on the Semi-Finalist. The countries are listed in running order.

Bulgaria (Song on youtube)

Bulgaria this year is being represented by Elitsa TODOROVA and Stoyan YANKOULOV with a song called ‘Water’. Its is a very rhythmic song with haunting singing. Its fast paced so should go down well. Just not my cup of tea.

(Song on youtube)

Israel is being represented by a group called Teapacks with a song called ‘Push the Button’. A very strong about terrorist’s (Israel knows all about this). Its in English and French. I don’t like it. Its not very often I like the Israeli song neway…

Cyprus (Youtube)

Cyprus is being represented by Evridiki with a French language song ‘Comme Ci, Comme Ça’ (which means okay). Its a good song, one of my favs this year. Good fast dance tune! one to dance to!

Belarus (Youtube)

Belarus is being represented this year by Koldun (HOT!) with a song called ‘Work Your Magic’. One of the best entries from the Belorussians in recent years. Its a nice song, along the lines of the Rasmus et al. I really like it and may have to do a post on Dmitry Koldun over on my other blog . lol

Iceland (Youtube)

Iceland is represented this year by Eiríkur HAUKSSON with ‘Valentine Lost’. Slow rock song, cant see it getting out of the semi’s. Its a pity cause I’ve really enjoyed past Icelandic entries especially last years!

Georgia (Youtube)

The first débutante in this years contest is Georgia represented by Sopho with ‘Visionary Dream’. Its a very good song. Real melting pot of new and old, and east meets west. Could do very well. Sopho, is a very excellent sing also.

Montenegro (Youtube)

Another débutante, but only by default! Montenegro normally takes part as part of Serbia and Montenegro. This year, since they are now independent, they are represented by Stevan Faddy with ‘Ajde Kroci’. Tis a realy good song, which i enjoy.

Switzerland (Youtube)

One of this year favourites and mine too! Switzerland is represented this year by DJ Bobo with ‘Vampires are Alive’. Love this song, and is proving very popular! Should do well during and after the contest!

Moldova (Youtube)

The Moldovan entry this year is Natalia Barbu with ‘Fight’. A very good song, nice with rock backing. Lordi really have influenced alot of entries this year.

The Netherlands (Youtube)

Now the Netherlands is represented by Edsilia Rombley with ‘On Top of the World’. Now the dutch have learned a bit, their song starts out like a ballad but speeds up, thank god, a nice song, but i dont think it will do well enough to get out of the semi’s.

Albania (Youtube)

Albania is represented by Aida & Frederik Ndoci with ‘Hear my plea’. A very traditional song, not in the current eurovision mould at all…

Denmark (Youtube)

Denmark song is fab this year. They are represented by DQ with ‘Drama Queen’. The first of the draq queens! I love this song and I hope it does well!!

Croatia (Youtube)

Croatia is represented by Dragonfly feat. Dado Topic with ‘Vjerujem u ljubav’. Nice song, not eurovisiony in my mind, but then again neither was lordi….

Poland (Youtube)

Poland is represented with the Jet Set with ‘Time to Party’. Nice song, fast paced. Good Party Song.

Serbia (Youtube)

Serbia, like Montenegro, is taking part on its own this year. They are represented by Marija Serifovic with ‘Molitva’. A ballad, in the traditional sense, cant see it getting out of the semi’s but it will get the neighbourly votes…

Czech Republic

Another débutante, the Czech Republic is represented by Kabát with ‘Malá dáma’. Its very much in the Lordi vein of Eurovision! Good rock song!

Portugal (Youtube)

The Portuguese are back on form after last years terrible entry. They are represented by Sabrina with ‘Dança Comigo’. Good song, with a latin ‘shake your hips’ feel to it.

FYR Macedonia (Youtube)

the FYR this year is represented by Karolina Goceva with ‘Mojot Svet’. An excellent song, with the easy bit to sing along with! “Najna najna, nanana najna” 😀


Another one of my favourites from this year. Norway is represented by Guri Schanke with ‘Ven A Bailar’. An excellent song, have being listening to it alot. SO has grown on me hugely. hopefully Norway will not get nil points again this year….

Malta (Youtube)

This year Malta is represented by Olivia Lewis with ‘Vertigo’ (not the U2 song obv!). Not an excellent song, but should do respectfully enough cant see it getting out of the semi’s, considering competition is really though this year!

Andorra (Youtube)

Now the Andorrans really have payed attention to whats popular at the moment musically. They are respresented by Anonymous with ‘Salvem el món (Let’s save the world)’. Real punk rock (my fav) and I hope does well for the Principality!!!

Hungary (Youtube)

Hungary are represented by Magdi Ruzsa with ‘Unsubstantial Blues’. Now this is different. Full of soul and feeling, but not your traditional ballad. One that has gotten into my heart I must say.

Estonia (Youtube)

Estonia is represented by Gerli Padar with ‘Partners In Crime’. A song in the real Eurovision vein. Easy listening, and fun!

Belgium (Youtube)

The Belgians are being represented this year by KMG’s with ‘Love Power’. Now this is a real Danascene song (Cork regulars to freakscene will get that reference). It has a real retro feel to it, and i like….

Slovenia (Youtube)

Slovenia is being represented by Alenka Gotar with ‘Cvet Z Juga’. Now the Slovenians havent departed much from their usual type of entry, traditional sounding song, with a fast backing track!

Turkey (Youtube)

Turkey is represented this year by Kenan DOĞULU with ‘Shake It Up Shekerim’. Turkey always have good songs IMO, this has a Justin Timberlake meets East feel to it. An excellent song!

Austria (Youtube)

Austria are back after a one year sabbatical with Eric Papilaya singing ‘Get A Life, Get Alive’. An excellent fast paced song, upbeat and fun! Hope it does well!

Latvia (Youtube)

Last but not least we have Latvia, represented by with ‘Questa Notte’. Opera comes to Eurovision! It is a Latvian version of Il Divo, its a nice song, but will it do well? It a bit of gamble

My hopes. The ten songs I hope get through are

Enjoy the show tonight. Feel free to leave your predictions as comments or disagree with me on anything!

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