Notes on a Trip to Tralee in a Mazda 626

Its way to hot!

My Nan thinks its a phase

My room will be tidy when i get a woman! hahahaha!

Con O’Connell, Independent Councillor on Cork City Council died last night. May he Rest In Peace. Will this trigger a by-election?

When will people learn how to use indicators!

They should encourage people to live on Canals like in England

These posts are way more personal. Is it good or bad?

Happy Birthday Tim!

Fresh Wexford Strawberries, in Cork???

I’m beginning to hate being single

Kilmicheal, Ambush or massacre?

There needs to be English road signs in the Gaeltacht, it’s crazy!

*Dead Animals: 9
*Caravans and Moterhomes: 13
*Crashes: 1
*Gardaí: 4

Gaeltacht Councils, theres an idea…

1:23pm in Kerry!

Stopped by two trains in Farranfore

Speed Limits are LIMITS not targets

Back in Cork 9:07pm

Nan advised me to stretch my throat! hehehehe

Im just mistook cows for nuns! WTF!!! (I’ve only had three small cans of beer!)

Petrol €1.11 in Tralee, €1.16 in Cork!

9:30pm and its still 19 degrees Celsius!

Love this song!

and this one!

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Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

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