English Regional Ministries

An unreported part of Gordon Brown’s new cabinet included the appointment of Ministers responsible for the Regions in England. This is to give parliamentary oversight into Regional Development Agencies and other regional institutions.

Being an avid supporter of the Principle of Subsidiarity, as set out in Article 5 of the Treaty Establishing the European Community (consolidated version following the Treaty of Nice) I like this idea.

The minsters are as follows:

*Minister for the East of England – Barbara Follett MP
*Minister for the East Midlands – Gillian Merron MP
*Minister for London – The Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP
*Minister for the North East of England – The Rt Hon Nick Brown MP
*Minister for the North West – The Rt Hon Beverley Hughes MP
*Minister for the South East – Jonathan Shaw MP
*Minister for the South West – Ben Bradshaw MP
*Minister for the West Midlands – Liam Byrne MP
*Minister for Yorkshire and the Humber – Caroline Flint MP

The same ministers are also responsible for other areas as Ministers of state or Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in various departments.

A year or two ago I wrote a policy on Irish Regional Assemblies and Authorities. Not sure weather or not to post it!

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