Caucus, what is it? and its a musical???

As its Caucus day in Iowa here are a few things online I’ve found on a Caucus.

First there is’s guide to Caucusing which i found very interesting and explained it all to me!

Then I came across this podcast on the Guardian website about Caucus! The Musical. Now it sounds like a fantastic political musical and i would love to see it.

Reviews for the musical

“‘Caucus! The Musical’ has some fun with the state’s venerable but sometimes tiresome electoral tradition.” – LA Times

“It is unclear when the stagehands’ strike will end, but Off Off Broadway, you can catch a theater event full of political intrigue and featuring a showstopper of a tap-dance number called “The Tough Question Sidestep.”” – NY Times

“‘Caucus! The Date’ isn’t ready, but ‘Caucus! The Musical’ will be” – USA Today

“Sure, politics makes for great theater—so why not a musical?” – US News & World Report

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