Eurovision Entries confirmed so far..

So I have gone a little eurovision mad today… its only 155 days away!

but here are the confirmed entries to far..

  • Albania picked female singer Olta Boka for Belgrade. She sings the ballad Zemrën Lamë Peng (Youtube)
  • Andorra will be represented by Gisela. She will sing the up-tempo song Casanova. The song has been written and composed by Jordi Cubino (Youtube)
  • Armenian broadcaster ARMTV selected Sirusho as 2008 Eurovision Song Contest representative. Her song has not yet been chosen
  • Ruslan Alenko will represent Belarus with Hasta La Vista (Youtube)
  • Elvir Lakovic Laka will represent Bosnia & Herzegovina with the song Pokusaj
  • Evdokia Kadi will represent Cyprus with Femme Fatale (Youtube)
  • Czech Republic will be represented by Tereza Kerndlová with Have Some Fun (Youtube)
  • Israel will be represented by Pop Idol winner Boaz Mauda. The public will be able to pick his song for Belgrade out of five internally selected compositions
  • With the song Vodka, Morena will represent Malta at the upcoming contest (Youtube)
  • Dutch broadcaster NOS invited Hind to represent the Netherlands. She will select her own song for Belgrade at a later stage
  • With a song in Italian titled Era Stupendo, Paolo Meneguzzi represents Switzerland this year (Youtube)
  • Turkey will be represented by the band Mor ve Ötesi. A song has not been presented yet
  • Ani Lorak, superstar in Ukraine, will represent the country at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. No song has been picked yet

Enjoy the Youtube links! Thinks thats enough Eurovision for one day, dont you?

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