Dustin wins Eurosong

It has happened, Ireland will send another ‘Turkey’ to Eurovision. I only heard the entry today from Dustin and I am disappointed with it. Though its very fast and upbeat I cant see many Europeans voting for it. The UK will not be voting in the first Semi-Final though they will be broadcasting it, so I get to hear Terry Wogans commentary, but Ireland will not have have any gaurenteed votes. I was tempted to vote for Ireland from here, but now I’m not so sure. Irish Nationalism might take over and then I will vote for Ireland.

Heres the entry. (lots of Booing)

Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for SpirtualityIreland.org and UCC Express.

One thought on “Dustin wins Eurosong”

  1. Don’t you think you’re taking the eurovision a little seriously? I mean the whole thing is an absolute piss take and watching it every year gets harder and harder. It’s about time we realized that and took the piss out of the rest of the continent by sending a turkey. I think It’s great and I find it hard to believe you when you say “I can’t see many europeans voting for it.” Of course they won’t vote for it! It’s called “Irelande Douze Pointe” for fuck sake! Does it sound like we’re looking to win the thing!?

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