EU Links 12th Feb 2008

More stuff from the EU.

Telecoms: Only 22% of Europeans can identify 112 as the pan-EU emergency number (26 of the 27 Member States have made it possible for citizens to call 112 from fixed and mobile phones. An infringement proceeding against Bulgaria for lack of availability of 112 is still pending) I couldnt either it came up in a discussion last week, what would happen if we dialled 999 or 911 here in Germany

Bookshop: Get all sorts of publications, some free, some availible free only as PDF. A mine of information.

Culture, education and youth: Every European should have a “second mother tongue”, say experts in report to the EU.

Commission: Current ongoing Public consultations. Take Part! Some interesting ones here including:


Life online is what you make of it!

Chess Love – safe sex is a game for two

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