EU Links 4th Feb 2008

Heres an idea that hit me on the tram this morning, something like Damien’s Fluffy Links but all about the EU.

here we go

DG ECOFIN: Choose the design for a commerative €2 coin to celebrate 10 years of EMU

DG Communications: Debate Europe. Join the forum and debate about the EU in English and Irish.

DG EAC: Learn about the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue

Parliament: How can we counter act an ageing population?

Council: Programme and Priorities of the Slovenian Presidency

Commission: e-Inclusion. The blurb is as follows:

“e-Inclusion: Be Part of It!” is our awareness raising campaign aiming to enable every person who so wishes to fully participate in the information society, regardless of any individual or social disadvantages. Part of the European e-Inclusion Initiative, we want to build on e-Inclusion activities existing at all levels, seeking synergies between them and improvements in overall e-inclusion impact. You can be part of this campaign by submitting your events, projects, initiatives and experiences.

The EU – the citizens discuss

Youth in Action – Get involved!

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