Eurovision: Dustin suffers backlash

Some people dont seam to be very happy over Dustin’s selection as one of the 6 finalists in Eurosong this year!

From last Tuesday’s Indo:

DUSTIN the Turkey seriously considered pulling out of the Eurosong contest yesterday as controversy erupted over his selection as one of the six Irish finalists .

After hearing nearly 45 minutes of angry radio debate about the fact that the celebrity puppet had made the grade, Dustin thought about throwing in the towel for “nearly a full second”, he confirmed last night.

But the bookies’ favourite has decided to battle on.

“I am doing this for Ireland,” he said.

The crticism came from three of the country’s top music men, songwriter Phil Coulter, Frank McNamara and Eurovision veteran Shay Healy.

Of course this means while they are babbling about Dustin hes getting attention while the other finalists are not!

The full list of Finalists are:

  • ‘Irelande Douze Pointe’, Performed by Dustin the Turkey composed by Darren Smith, Simon Fine and Dustin the Turkey.
  • ‘Double Cross My Heart’, performed by Donal Skehan, composed by Joel Humlén, Oscar Gorres and Charlie Mason.
  • ‘Time to Rise’, performed by Maya, composed by Maja Slatinsek and Ziga Pirnat.
  • ‘Not Crazy After All’, performed by Leona Daly, composed by Leona Daly and Steve Booker.
  • ‘Sometimes‘, performed by Liam Geddes, written by Susan Hewitt.
  • ‘Chances’, written and performed Marc Roberts.

Eursong will take place in the University Concert Hall Limerick on Saturday 23 February from 7 to 8pm with the winner announced on the results show at 9.30pm.

Feb 23rd is Super Saturday for Eurovions Fans. As many as seven countries will select their entries for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. They include:

  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • FYR Macedonia
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Poland
  • Romania

Will do more of an Eurovision Update tonight or tomorrow.

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