Eurovision: Entries confirmed so far, 24th Feb

I have an list previously, but as yesterday was Super Saturday heres and updated list in order of Semi Final and Finalists. (Reminder: running order draw is on the March 17th). I will try to link to the youtube video for each song. Participants have until March 16th to submit entries.

Semi Final 1:

(86 days away)

  • Montenegro (RTCG): Stefan Filipović. Song still to be decided.
  • Finland (YLE): Not decided.
  • Greece (EIRT): Not decided.
  • Ireland (RTÉ): Dustin The Turkey with “Irelande Douze Points” (Youtube)
  • Israel (IBA): Boaz Mauda. Song still to be Decided.
  • Poland (TVP): Isis Gee with “For Life” (Youtube)
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina (BHRT): Elvir Lakovic Laka with “Pokusaj”. Song will be released on March 3rd.
  • Estonia (ETV): Kreisiraadio with “Leto Svet” (Youtube)
  • The Netherlands (NOS): Hind. Song still to be decided.
  • Romania (TVR): Nico & Vlad Mirita with “Pe-o Margine De Lume” (Youtube)
  • Moldova (TRM): Geta Burlacu with “A Century Of Love” (Youtube)
  • San Marino (SMRTV): Not decided. (Debut Grand Prix)
  • Slovenia (RTVSLO): Rebeka Dremelj with “Vrag Naj Vzame” (Youtube)
  • Norway (NRK): Maria Haukaas Storeng with “Hold On Be Strong” (Youtube)
  • Belgium (VRT): Not decided.
  • Andorra (RTVA): Gisela with “Casanova” (Youtube)
  • Armenia (AMPTV): Sirusho. Song still be decided.
  • Azerbaijan (İctimai): Elnur Guseynov. Song still be decided. (debut Grand Prix)
  • Russia (RTR): Not decided.

Semi Final 2:

(88 days away)

  • Croatia (HRT): Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents with “Romanca” (Youtube)
  • Denmark (DR): Simon Mathew with “All Night Long” (Youtube)
  • Bulgaria (BNT): Deep Zone & Balthazar with “DJ, Take Me Away” (Youtube)
  • Portugal (RTP): Not decided.
  • Ukraine (NTU): Ani Lorak with “Shady Lady” (Youtube)
  • Switzerland (SRG SSR idée suisse): Paolo Meneguzzi with “Era Stupendo” (Youtube)
  • F.Y.R. Macedonia (MKRTV): Tamara, Vrčak & Adrian with “Vo Ime Na Ljubovta” (Youtube)
  • Iceland (RÚV): Euroband with “This Is My Life” (Youtube)
  • Cyprus (CyBC): Evdokia Kadi with “Femme Fatale” (Youtube)
  • Latvia (LTV): Not decided.
  • Belarus (BTRC): Ruslan Alenho with “Hasta La Vista” (Youtube)
  • Hungary (MTV): Csézy with “Szívverés” (Youtube)
  • Albania (RTSH): Olta Boka with “Zemrën E Lamë Peng” (Youtube)
  • Sweden (SVT): Not decided.
  • Turkey (TRT): Mor ve Ötesi with “Deli” (Youtube)
  • Lithuania (LRT): Jerominas Milius with “Nomads In The Night” (Youtube)
  • Georgia (GPB): Not decided.
  • Czech Republic (ČT): Tereza Kerndlová with “Have Some Fun” (Youtube)
  • Malta (MBA): Morena with “Vodka” (Youtube)


(90 days away)

  • France (France 3): Not decided.
  • Germany (NDR): Not decided.
  • Serbia (RTS): Not decided.
  • Spain (TVE): Not decided.
  • United Kingdom (BBC): Not decided.

Phew, thats over. 20 countries still left to decide. So expect at least one more post like this! Enjoy the songs. Leave comments about your favouites!

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