Interesting Facebook Groups

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, thats what its all about nowadays. Bebo? Thats for kids! Or as someone said top me, “its the preteens version”!

So heres some interesting facebook groups in no Particular order.

Vote Yes to the Reform Treaty

A group for the supporters of the Lisbon Treaty. Have a sconce. I post interesting stuff there when I find it!

Resign, Mr Ahern

This group was set up by Gavin of Gavin’s Blog I is one of the most popular Iirsh groups on Facebook. Its is full of information about the whole Ahern Saga. Definitely worth a look!

Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Ye were waiting for this one! Yes its a group I have set up. and its all in the title.

HSE: Not Fit For Purpose,

A group set up by a friend who works in the Health Service. It calls for the following:

  • 1. Health education, health promotion, preventing disease on a population level
  • 2. Strengthened primary care service that can deliver high quality health care and advice to people in their own communities without unnecessary hospital admissions
  • 3. Fire the hordes of incompetent micro-managers in the HSE and various hospitals and hire managers with a proven track record
  • 4. Stop antagonising front line staff. Support people who choose to work in a difficult environment. Engage with the people who deliver health care
  • 5. Invest in greater supports and home care packages for the elderly and those with chronic illnesses
  • 6. Increase the number of long term care beds and nursing homes for an aging population
  • 7. Stop funding tax breaks for developers in the shape of colocated hospitals and invest in public facilities and more public beds

Young Fine Gael

The facebook group for YFG. There is also a senior party group. There is also YEPP and EPP groups, and a CDU group!

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