Newropeans, A new pan European Political Party

Well I saw this over on the Debate Europe Forum and had to have a look at it.

From reading the website the party’s aim is

to help turn the EU from a bureaucratic top-down project into a democratically managed political entity. Today, we are facing a profound political crisis and a lack of political leadership in the EU which risks undermining the success of integration. We think that fresh ideas and necessary changes this time will not come from the national governments or Brussels. Newropeans brings new ideas to the EU and is a tool for citizens from throughout the EU to have their say in European affairs. Newropeans will only exist for fifteen to twenty years, the time for the democratisation to be achieved.

How does it plan to do this?

In June 2009, when the European Parliament is next elected, Newropeans will provide millions of Europeans with their first ever opportunity to truly ’act European’. We give citizens throughout the EU the chance to share their vote with all those, throughout the continent, who share a democratic vision of Europe’s future. This is where democratisation starts. At least this is Newropeans’ opinion; if you share it, then you are one of us!

Newropeans currently have members in 12 member states.

Now the all important part what do they stand for? They have 16 Propositions.

1. Ensure that the principle of equality of all European citizens before the law is maintained by eliminating the legal immunity of European officials.
Interesting one. But if we do it for the EU, we will have to do it for the UN, COE etc. etc…

2. Ratify systematically the main changes of community treaties, and in particular enlargements by trans-European referenda.
Yikes, that will be costly. This populist notion could get them a few votes in England and Germany and other countries who population are unsure about Turkey joining the EU.

3. Bring the European institutions closer to the citizens geographically, by decentralising them
We normally give out about MEP’s having to go from Brussels to Starsbourg but how in gods name will the EU function if its institutions are spread out. Thats like having the Dail in Galway and the Seanad in Cork, the High Court is Athlone and The Supreme Court in Sligo with the President in Dublin. God, the expense and the arguements over what goes to which country! God no. They suggest the following distribution.

Each country having chosen its “European town” (often the capital) the new European institutional network will gather a first “Euroring” of institutions in a circumference of 500km around Brussels, taking account of the specificity and advantages of each selected town : Parliament (Brussels), Court of Justice (The Hague), European Government (London), Joint European Administration (Paris), Central Bank (Frankfurt), Court of Accounts (Luxembourg). A second “Euroring” will gather together all the other institutions and community agencies in the town retained by each member State.

European Governemnt sticks out dont it? wait till Proposition 5!

4. Respect linguistic diversity of the EU, a fundamental condition for democracy in the EU, whilst ensuring the efficiency of its functioning by the creation of a clear linguistic regime
Dosent the EU already do this?

5. Create a genuine European Government
The big one! It gets its own page! The idea is that it would replace the Council and Commission. Have a read of it. An interesting idea on how the EU could evolve.

6. Ground the European budget on real own resources for the EU, raised in a transparent manner and being subject to regular control
Yikes, there goes all the votes in the UK and Ireland. “A European company and income tax should replace the system of national contributions to the European budget.” Mores taxes… eek….
(I supported them till I got to here, then it went downhill!)

7. Ensure that the European Parliament is 50% composed of representatives of national (or regional lists), and 50% from trans-European lists; Offer each citizen two votes in the European elections
Interesting idea, have seen it float about before on ideas for reforming the elctoral system.

8. Create a procedure for evaluating the political system and community administration every decade, independent of the executive, legislative and judicial institutions.
I think every country should do this!!

9. Promote internal mobility within the European Institutions
I hope the EU does this already?

10. Promote a Neighbourhood Policy of the European Union (Privileged Neighbour Status)
The EU Neighbourhood policy exists! what are they babbling on about… ahh, the usual alternative for Turkey not becoming a member state…

11. Increasing the efficacy of the EU’s action in the world by reinforcing the role of the ministry of foreign affairs and structuring a clear and objective European foreign policy
Have they not read the Lisbon treaty?

12. Develop a common immigration policy, pursued at national level and aiming at the immigrants’ full integration in the European society
Immigration olicy at EU level, UK and IRL have opt out i assume as we are not in Schengen? It has its own page

13. Elaborate a common European policy against organised crime and trans-national criminality, namely a specialised European police and judicial network
Ahm, EUROPOL? EUROJUST? do these people even look at Europa?

14. Develop profound and wide initiatives in the domain of education and life-long training.
I’m all for it til I read, “Newropeans supports a pro-active ’European Policy in the field of Education’, but opposes anything which could resemble a ’European Education Policy’.” Damn. Its gets its own page also. they also have specific proposals in this area! 6 proposals which are:

  • A. The European Educational Central Criterion, E2C2
  • B. Future Euro-citizens by Education (FEE) Programme
  • C. European Executives Training (EXTRA) Programme
  • D. LIfe Long European (LILE)
  • E. To encourage bilingual education and to generalize the teaching of a foreign language as of 4 year-old children by mobilising Member States and their regions
  • F. To support the introduction in national handbooks of history in secondary schools of “compared visions” for large European historical events

I like E and F alot, and think they are worth following through on!

15. Elaborate an annual social report for the President of the EU, destined to evaluate the social status of the Union (health, education, employment, poverty), based on pre-defined and objective indicators
Dont the EU do this anyway?

16. Mutual reinforcement of political integration, research and competitiveness: common dreams, decisions and entrepreneurship
Isnt that the basis for the EU???

Okay after tearing through their propositions what else do they stand for? Well they oppose Blair as President of the EU, yet to meet someone who wants him as President. They have a manifesto as well as lots of other stuff.

They are in Köln but there is no mention of an Irish branch yet. Theyed want to get cracking if they want candidates for 2009.

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