12 to go… Grand Prix Vorentscheid 2008 (German Preview)

There is only 12 countries left to decide for Eurovision. They are:
*The Netherlands
*San Marino

Germany is holding its national final, Grand Prix Vorentscheid 2008, on Thursday 6th of March in Hamburg. It will be shown on ARD at 20:15. Here are the 5 finalists. Most of the songs are in English, with one in German and one in Spanish (!?!?!)

No Angels – Disappear

Fabulous song. I like No Angels anyway. Think I will be voting for this song on Thursday. I did it could do well at the Grand Prix.

Marquess – La Histeria

Don’t ask me why it is in Spanish. Its a nice song, but I cant see Germans voting for it.

Tommy Reeve – Just One Woman

Nice ballad, which are popular after last year, but will see how it does here in Germany. If it wins, expect the German 12 points to go to a ballad.

Cinema Bizarre – Forever Or Never

Lordi still having an influence! This crowd remind me of Tokio Hotel! Its a good song, but I wont be voting for them. Basically cause Joe will kill me!

Carolin Fortenbacher – Hinterm Ozean (Behind The Ocean)

The only German language song in the final. Another ballad. Dont think its as good as Tommy Reeve’s one.

Thats it for now. After the weekend I will do a full round up of qualified songs before they are all done.

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